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Charlene Stone


Charlene is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a diverse background in business, brand development, sales, marketing, and events. With a career spanning over two decades, she decided on a change of direction in early 2023 and dove head-first into real estate, merging her analytical acumen with innate creativity to propel growth and innovation.
Having traversed various industries including hospitality, fitness, events and transportation, Charlene’s career weaves a rich tapestry of experiences and skills. While each industry she has engaged with differs in its core offerings, they are united by a shared commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and services to clientele.
In her current role at Wolf Property, Charlene adeptly leverages her extensive expertise to optimise operations and drive success within the sales team. Drawing from a wealth of past experiences, she brings a unique perspective focused on delivering outstanding service, adaptability, and nurturing meaningful relationships.