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Ankit Gupta

Property Representative

Ankit comes to the real estate industry with a solid decade of experience in retail, including three years in a managerial role, Ankit is highly regarded in his field.
His expertise is backed by a double Bachelor’s degree in Business and Accounting, complemented by ongoing studies in Real Estate through a Certificate 4 program.
Ankit’s strength lies in his interpersonal skills, which define his professional approach. He effortlessly connects with people from diverse backgrounds, using empathy to forge meaningful relationships.
Whether interacting with vendors, buyers, or industry experts, Ankit excels at simplifying complex concepts for clear communication.
His negotiation style is marked by a composed demeanor, ensuring positive outcomes for all involved parties.
Outside of work, Ankit prioritises a balanced lifestyle. He is an active member of the Claremont Cricket Club, maintaining fitness through cricket and gym sessions.
You might spot him in TV commercials like RACT and Tas Plates, showcasing his versatility. Ankit’s passions also extend to cooking and cherishing quality time with his family.